10 Websites To Make You Think

Supposedly browsing the internet requires more brain power than watching television. Although judging from some of the websites we’ve come across that assumption is cast into doubt. Here’s some of the sites we like that might get your brain to sit up and listen.


A conference that started in 1984 bringing together experts in technology, entertainment and design quickly grew into so much more. The conference itself is invitation only, but the website features all the talks at the conference in high res video format.

New Scientist

The New Scientist website carries new articles from the magazine as well as the NS archive of over 76,000 pieces.

Big Think

The Big Think website is a collection of ‘global thought leaders’ who offer their thoughts and analysis on world events and other important developments

Cafe Scientifique

‘for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology’
The idea behind Cafe Scientifique is that anyone can go to one of the many events organised throughout the world for a layman’s explanation of a scientific subject by a scientist involved in the area.

Breathing Earth

This fantastic website by David Bleja demonstrates CO2 emissions and world population growth in real time on a global map.


It is a web comic, but it’s in a league of its own. XKCD by Randall Munroe (A former NASA contractor). The comics follow a theme of ‘romance, sarcasm, math and language.’

Arts & Letters Daily

A great collection of articles, essays, disputes and reviews by a select collection of bloggers and publications.

How Stuff Works

An enormous website that explains the workings of everything from electronics to déjà vu.

Academic Earth

Free university video courses spanning a range of subjects including history, chemistry and computer science.

Eyewitness To History

A collection of eyewitness accounts and media from the ancient world through to modern history


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