CodeGuard Is A Simple Time Machine For Your Website

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, the winner of the audience award was CodeGuard. The idea can be summed up simply: “We are a time machine for your website,” notes their founders.
Essentially, they allow you to automatically and simply backup your FTP data so that if you need to revert your website to some earlier version. CodeGuard does this by taking a snapshot of your FTP data over and over again. Then if you need to go back, you easily can.
Yes, it’s a lot like the Time Machine feature built into the Apple OS X software. But whereas that’s for data found on your desktop, this is for data found on a server elsewhere.
“We consider ourselves website protection to the rest of us,” the founders note. Similar solutions exist in corporate environment, but not really for regular people to use. It’s built using GIT, but for the masses.
Here’s their presentation.

Judge Q&A with Jeff Clavier, Shana Fisher, Roger Ehrenberg, Saul Hansel
SF: Enterprise self-server?
A: Right now we’re targeting medium and small businesses and bloggers.
SH: This is for people who run their websites on what platforms?
A: Good question, we’re going to roll out on a bunch of platforms. Right now it’s FTP.
RE: How many sites currently?
A: Probably 60 now just testing.
RE: Pricing?
A: Free if you site is 250MB or less. Up to 1GB it’s $10 a month. And we go up from there.
RE: Acquiring users?
A: We’re partnering with providers.
RE: Backend?
A: Right now we just have a dedicated server. If and when we get bigger, we’ll invest in scaling.
RE: So not the cloud?
A: While that’s great for many things, probably not the best solution here.


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