Qualities of a good boss

We have all had excellent bosses and those that we would rather forget. Strong leadership has many traits that are the key to their success and great bosses possess the knowledge of when and how to use specific traits. Different situations require the leader to use different skills. Every leader also has their own style that they must utilize along with leadership skills to be a great boss. There are some qualities that are consistent with great bosses.

Analytical thinking
Every single day leaders face a lot of situations that require great analytical skills. When you are a boss, you are thrown in the middle of different situations with a lot of information being tossed around. What you do with that information, can make you or break you as a boss. Analytical thinkers have the ability to look at a problem or a situation and decipher out what the most critical facts are that they need. Personal prejudices and beliefs should not be a factor when you have to make decisions, decision making should be based on facts.
Advocate of great customer service
Excellent customer service is the heart and soul of any organization. You cannot be a great boss if you do not understand the significance of practicing great customer service. Great bosses understand what their customer base is and fully understands their needs. They have a complete understanding of the value that their service or quality of a product provides to their customer. They are always looking for the competitive edge and staying ahead of the competition by providing superb quality service.
Strategic vision
Great bosses follow the organization's strategic plan to keep them focused on what are the priorities of the organization. Strategic plans are utilized like a guideline that identifies issues and has a plan in place how the organization will choose to address certain issues. It also identifies certain goals and initiatives that the organization has placed a priority on. Great bosses understand the importance of strategic planning and the implication of the plans influence for success. Great bosses make their decisions based on the organization's plan and direction in the strategic plan to keep them focused.
Encouraging employee creativity
Encouraging employees to look at different ways to solve issues is a sign of a great boss. Employees that are challenged can generate ideas that look at alternative solutions for problems or situations. Employees are the leaders greatest asset and knowing how to tap into their minds is a skill. Great bosses know how to challenge employees to be innovative thinkers.
Cost saving strategies
Great bosses understand the importance of keeping their organization financially healthy. Using the organization strategic plan and direction, they can identity where they can cut costs and where they need to spend. They look for ways to increase revenue and make their organization a leader in the industry.
They are just a few examples of the traits that great bosses practice and understand. Great bosses have a vision that takes them to where they need to be. They are respected by their peers and their employees and are not afraid to take risks. Change is inevitable in the business world, and great bosses are the champion of change,


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