Does Your Business Need an App?

Does your company need a mobile app of its own?
This question is something we think about a lot at Mashable, and the answer depends a lot on the kind of company and product or products in play. It also shifts based on the demographic you’re targeting and the current state of the mobile landscape.
One thing to consider is the cost. Developing a native app can be expensive, and it may or may not be worth it for your company. And depending on how you handle user data and users’ expectations, you might be facing some legal troubles in the future.
If you do decide (or if you’ve already decided) that building a native app is the way to go, check out our tips onhow to build a mobile app, written with small and medium-sized businesses in mind.
Alternatively, you can check out our resources on native versus mobile web apps and how to make your mobile web app look and feel like a native app.
This infographic comes to us from BuySellAds, an online ad sales platform.
Click image to see larger version.
[source: BuySellAds]


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