15 Drawbacks and 15 Benefits to Working as a Full-Time Freelancer

15 draw backs to working as a full time freelancer

  1. Freelancing doesn’t give you any dependable income. You could make a thousand dollars today and none for the next month. (submitted by @RS_Designs and @AliciaMae)
  2. Less time with family because you are busy doing 10 different jobs (accounting, designing, sales, ect)
  3. Spending more time finding work than actually doing the work. (submitted by @kevincrafts)
  4. You lose the ability to bounce ideas off your co-workers because, well, you’re (9 times out of 10) working alone in your home office.
  5. The distraction level in your house can be tremendous (family, television, sleeping in, ect)
  6. People don’t take you as seriously as someone with a 9-5 job (yes, they’re close minded, but it does happen – a lot)
  7. You have to be your own taskmaster, even if you “just don’t feel like it” – and if you don’t, you fall behind work and a whole mess of trouble starts
  8. Health insurance is not a given – and obtaining it can be a struggle. (I’d suggest checking out this article for information on it)
  9. If you get sick – you’re screwed. There’s noone there to take over your job while you’re out with the flu.
  10. There are a lot of freelancers out there right now so u had better have work lined up first and great connections that yield referrals. (submitted by @rachelakay)
  11. Marketing yourself against the “big guns” in your industry can be extremely hard as you will generally not have the same budgets as they do
  12. I’m not paid for all of the hours I work. It takes a lot more of my time and energy to be a freelancer than to work for “the man.” (submitted by @RS_Designs)
  13. Doing everything on your own will generally make your stress levels a lot higher than a normal 9-5
  14. Sitting in your computer chair for multiple hours at a time working, prospecting and notekeeping will put massive strain on your back
  15. big drawback: admin tasks (invoicing, time tracking, emails, etc). too easy to put off but real pain in ass to catch up on. (submitted by @freelancerant)

15 benefits to working as a full time freelancer

  1. No boss breathing down your neck – You’re the boss – you make the rules, which generally leave you more relaxed and happy.
  2. Spend more time with family – During the summer, I can pack up and go to the water park at a moments notice. I love spending time with my family and with the freelance lifestyle, it’s easier than ever before.
  3. Job security – If you lose your job, its (9 times out of 10) because you slacked off too much and/or did something stupid. The harder you work, the more you’ll benefit.
  4. Creating your own hours – If you want to work late into the evening, or you enjoy getting up early in the morning, you can set your own hours, build your own schedule and fit work around your personal life – instead of the other way around.
  5. You learn more about personal finances - Being a freelancer will help you learn how to manage money and also keep up with your financial paperwork which is always a plus.
  6. No daily commute (and traffic jams) – Roll out of bed, put your slippers on and head to the computer. It’s that simple :)
  7. Complete control over your rates – If you want to charge more, do it. If you feel you’re making too little money per hour, change your hourly rate. No more begging for a raise.
  8. You can do the work you love – Are you passionate about drawing, but you’re stuck in accounting? Leave that all behind with a full time freelance career.
  9. Wake up whenever you want – This is a great plus for me as well as a lot of early risers or late risers. There’s no need for a buzzer to wake you up at 6am to get to work by 7am anymore. (thanks to StephenTiano for the twitter response)
  10. Unforseen emergencies are easier to deal with – As stated above in number 2, any time something pops up, you’re able to leave and don’t have to worry about taking a sick day, lose pay or jeapordize your position with your boss.
  11. Mobile workstations make work fun – Like the picture for this post, you can work anywhere there’s internet connection (and if you’re a writer, you don’t even need that – just a pen and pad).
  12. No need to spend 4-8 years in college – I haven’t even graduated high school, yet I know more about web design and development than most people I know who spent years in college classes. Plus, I got started early and didn’t have to wait to graduate before I started working and learning the ins and outs of business.
  13. The ability to keep (or cut) clients – When working from a big office for a big corporation, you take the clients they give you. When working for yourself as a freelancer, you can cut any unruly clients or keep the ones you love and nurture those relationships.
  14. Noone is to blame for your stolen red stapler – Anyone who’s seen Office Space will know that a stolen red stapler can be a big problem. Noone is around to steal yours though if you’re a freelancer – except your kids or your cat/dog :)
  15. Working in your underwear is not a crime – It’s no secret that working from home can give you a ton of added benefits – the biggest (in some peoples eyes) being that you don’t have to wear pants – even if you’re doing video chats or conversating on the phone.


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