Aston Martin ties up with Italian Design house for new Zagato

Aston Martin, a British supercar is going to join strong forces with an Italian design company to unveil “Zagato” for its new project. The automaker has confirmed it collaboration with Zagato in order to introduce a new car and here is the exclusive image of new machine.
Both companies are going to commemorate in order to remark 21st May, whereAston Martin and Zagato were first time tied up in the year 1961. The set is to unveil on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. The company is going to employ the Viall D’Este event to release the brand new car. It is expected that they are going to built up only limited edition for 2012 and thus registration process will be soon start to achieve the best ever model.
Till now the company has not yet released any official details, besides its single shadow picture, but is expected that Zagato model will appear similar to the Vantage. The bodywork for new model will include a low front splitter with utmost remarkable addition to set an enormous wheel rear arches that hint larger wheels and wider track. It is expected that new car will be revised with rear lights, fresh front and grille.


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