Prepare For the End of the World with the Tactical Sammich

Are you worried about what you’re going to eat when the world is in flames and you’re holed up in your basement, hiding from mutants, dinosaurs, zombies or whatever sort of unnatural horror awaits you? Well fear no longer because ThinkGeek has you covered with the Tactical Sammich.
Weighing in at under 4oz and less than 300 calories, these pre-packed sandwiches have a shelf-life of 2 years. This way you can stock up well in advance of the schism to come. They come in two tantalizing flavors: Honey BBQ Beef and Pepperoni. I’m sure these things aren’t exactly gourmet but you can’t argue with that longevity. Then again, I think I’ve actually eaten hamburgers from Mcdonalds that were at least that old.
You can snag the Tactical Sammich at ThinkGeek for $5.99 each. I hope you like meat vegetarians!


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