How Square’s New Pay-With-Your-Name System Works

Square has just introduced a new mobile payment system that allows consumers to pay with their names, no wallet needed, with merchants who use the Square card reader and run the startup’s newly updated Square Register for iPad application.
Card Case, as the consumer update is called, utilizes a digital “put it on my tab” system and is supported in Square’s just-enhanced mobile application for iPhone and Android.
Beginning Monday, 50 merchants in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and St. Louis will start accepting payments by tab. Users can unlock the Card Case and the ability to pay with their names by making their first purchases at a participating merchant.
“Cash registers and credit card terminals are relics of an expensive, complicated and impersonal commercial transaction system,” Square CEO Jack Dorsey says. “With Register and Card Case, we’re transforming everyday transactions between buyers and sellers into something special,” said Dorsey.
Square invited three local merchants to demonstrate the new pay-with-your-name mobile payment system at a press event at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. Mashable got to see Register and Card Case in action. Here’s how the new mobile payment system works for consumers:


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